Author Interviews

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JP Tate was born into a working class family way back in the winter of 1961 and has spent the last fifty-six years coping with being alive in the world. It wasn't his idea.


He spent the first decade of his adult life in unskilled labouring jobs before escaping to become a philosophy student and tutor. Over the next ten years he earned four university degrees including a PhD and became even more alienated from the society in which he lived.


These days he is pursuing his desire to write, it being the most effective and satisfying way he has yet found to handle that same old pesky business of coping with being alive in the world.


Take the Red Pill. His chief literary preoccupations are the unacknowledged misandry in society; the socially divisive character of multiculturalism and the disintegration of Western European ethnicities; defending individual freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and sexual freedom. All his writing, whether in fiction or non-fiction, takes a consistently anti-ideological and anti-establishment attitude and is therefore certain to provoke the cry-bully illiberal reactionaries of political correctness.


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